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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 10, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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spot where a 17 year-old girl died in a high-speed crash this morning. oakland police investigating to see if she had been stricken. from seizing clinics struggle endicott aztecs in supplies run low any questions as the flu or the cold. >> : you just feel awful. >> : we got to the family won the bait. it comes to the upright. >> : the matter is in the east tonight another game on roads night. >> : winning in charlotte. >> : markets >> : back in the groove with his old center and a band dates and exclusive look at music coal union for years and an infantry >> : >> :we begin tonight with breaking news. the wreckage of a small plane missing in the idaho wilderness since december first has been found. there are no survivors. a missing san jose pilot. dale smith and four other
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family members. were on board. idaho officials suspended for the small plane in mid- december. it was flying from eastern oregon to montana. when it disappeared in the central idaho backcountry. near yellow pine, idaho. stay with kron 4 as we bring you more information on this breaking news as it becomes available. him right jeff brooks is live what will incite >> : cahow she is well liked by everyone she knew what
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tonight friends of hers come here to this spot to pay their respects and to remember her at the wet spot where she crasher car around the night but you can see that friends and family of hers that have come here lighting candles and leading photographs near the polish extraction to white she was writing a friend's car now carries boyfriend tells me that apparently aside from midnight there was an illegal street racing event going on here in this area according to catlin's boyfriends police came to shop at home. that's when everybody scattered. >> : she wasn't even raise an overall when police came every beat of the starting from over here so there started spreading out. in different ways. i saw what i heard was caps had came. >> : >> : they said that she had not
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been eclipsed by another car and she lost control she was driving unfortunately was very horrible trade unbelievable. unreal. >> : police say that this tragedy is just one more reason why a little street racing is so dangerous. bay area flu related deaths. this as california health officials warn. the flu virus is now considered widespread across the state.tonight -- kron4 goes one- on- one with an expert to get to the bottom of your but first - here are the latest numbers. a total of three people have now died in alameda county. one fatality. and -- two people are dead in marin and santa clara counties each. contra costa, sonoma and san mateo counties have each reported one. happened sometime this flu season. which technically started in october. new tonight at 8-- he was young and healthy.
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yet died from this year's vicious flu virus. talked to friends and family of the man from the north bay who died from h-1- n-1. at just 23-years old. this serves local source cannot allow wont telling me that what played women in the emergency room he got to care that could be back to work on monday really thought that should recover. >> :
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where is families had connections for about 40 years so that the staff here feels that they lost a member of their family. it had to use all the cuts are clean up for us with his dad. >> : many worked in the produce section at it is shocking to co-workers that the flu kills a scene seemingly healthy young men. >> : customers love him he was the category group of friends you there was devastated. we're all devastated. there really hang their heads right now. >> : he did not have a flu shot they never thought it is necessary until now. >> : especially that think there's less susceptible to the flu-beginning the flu shot but invincible. >> :
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following that angle of the story he got to the doctor what we need to know when it comes to the flu. >> : the flames didn't flew on the bay area and national experts are shunning and sing at their three groups of high-risk people who have been hospitalized in recent weeks. again when an obese people and those with chronic diseases. dr eduardo dolan practices out of san francisco tonight he's answering your question. >> : in the foot shot these 6 pick? >> : click experience. >> : aquino >> : the flow is very different i
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discovered that my patients are working on the streets minding your own business meeting with a baseball sacked but baseball bat. >> : muscles ache a very high fever coughing you just feel awful. >> : is there a flu epidemic. >> : there is a spike some especially i noticed my colleagues noticed in the new last two weeks. >> : was resurfacing?. >> : the yearly cycle is also out of more slower slyke cycle that occurs every four years. >> : the and that the elite are usually impacted but at age 1 and 1 unpacks all age groups. >> : and for more information about the flu. or if you need a flu shot. log on to kron-4-dot-com.
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we'll show you an easy way to find where the shots are available near where you live. an arsonist is on looms in san jose this comes after seven suspicious fires in just three days. >> : this is surveillance footage of the house been set on fire early friday morning early in in the morning eupepsia a man approaching the house this is what the house looks like in the date white. the small area charred no major damage. those inside are on edge. >> : my brothers and sisters are scared that anyone to go to school and only money in house. you never know it to come again. >> : now we have eyes watching the house. >> : this fire is the switch isn't only suspicious one have been approximately seven fires added to mile radius east of the downtown
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all taking place in the middle of the night. >> : they're actively investigating this. this nearby dry wall company was hit early thursday morning running out of it taking place the whole interior and external wall here. endicott on fire. it's been smoke damage there's been wall damage that we've had repair with a morning us second suspicious fire here. >> : they're able to chase the suspect away also but the fires out that had already underway. >> : just down the street is also set on fire in front morning. fire officials are not ready to call this arson at least not yet but they do want the community to be on alert and report any suspicious activity. >> :
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matters as impatiently waiting. but ensuring their pictures with us we love seeing them keep them coming >> : earlier today con 4 cameras were there as the team boarded buses and santa clara taking off for charlotte we saw buying or bruce miller vernon davis and the men of your calling capper neck. niners don't and cabinet to >> : net seen yeltsin understands and some people gathered around you would say. yet this is the stop where the party is happening here in charlotte. a lot of practice since coming out a lot 40 understand as well. this the video are talking about the matters are added a hotel. in the last couple hours
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they're in their signing autographs meetings and events. because up with an offense on the streets of charlotte. these fans are crazy here attends a costumes there are foreigners years on the streets as well. here's what some had said. >> : did you talk any 49ers in there? nobody did see some professional football's players. weinberger win by at least two touchdowns but all won. >> : my worry about stopping capital? >> : the chemicals. >> : but out the exciting a matter what. >> : that's what it's called pass the time was also the clock and to >> : supplant their time really really has penned a time here in charlotte everybody going crazy. >> :
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i had tonight tonight at mar markets magnificent malone and renounce carlos santana musical reunion tickets and making you only see it here. plus one woman says social me aside to mount a picture of her successful weight- loss. and next the target date tax bills from bad torts turns out that things are worse than originally thought finance expert but so what you know. >> : female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic,
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female announcer: even tempur-pedic mattress sets, at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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across the country has brought me to the lovely city of boston. cheers. and seeing as it's such a historic city, i'm sure they'll appreciate that geico's been saving people money for over 75 years. oh... dear, i've dropped my tea into the boston harbor. huhh... i guess this party's over. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. turned out to be a lot worse than first thought company said stole a wide
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range of personal data lot about money mutt millions more people. who is now a risk. >> : you may have remembered target reporter left last month 40 million current customers were. >> : at the 70 million the figures could get even larger. >> : it's like collecting rocks and looking underneath them as we continue on with the investigation to find more and more problems. target began an internal probe of its computer system after discovering a brief last month. anyone who use debit or credit cards that restores from november 24th at seventh to december 15th. initially the company said the and permission slip from its system customers' names credit-card numbers expiration dates and verification codes. the company acknowledges that hackers on 7 million customers and the information with much more detail. street addresses and phone numbers and e-mail
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addresses of taken. the hackers now pose any degraded greater threat. >> : knout in addition the economy and become you is identity as well. >> : 7 million impacted kirby as many 1.110 million. bridges not limited to the pre- holiday siege it sees in russia. >> : us at the time frame are also included as victims the company did not specify how far back the theft goes. the cbo said that he is truly sorry the customers will not be liable for the cost of the fraudulent charges. all target lawford of free credit monitoring system and had been in the theft who shop at stores. >> : joining us now is credit expert turkistan bird. according questions this was my this the page we now know their names out their
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addresses e-mail's why is that making this even more serious? >> : this means that people have to have this information can use it in a chance to even worse than they did before. >> : how so? >> : the contestant in say palestinian been hit by this and working with tarpit again help. >> : but what people do the call? >> : but its target doctors, there is information about how to the steps if the center. >> : this is really about as it gets? tell us why? >> : a hundred 20 million potential victims that's an enormous. the great great span of people who are seriously affected. >> : now this is good news. bad news for target bad news for customers. >> : you tonight at 8 some say it's almost as white
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slavery is not an issue affecting thousands in the bay area and around the country is now the focus of a widespread awareness campaign. >> : january-march been trafficking aware met last this month on the status of women who have helped bring awareness of how serious this is in the bay area and across the state. >> : in the united states alone there a hundred thousand children currently being exploited in this trade. the overwhelming majority of these victims more than 80 percent are at u.s. victims. >> : campbell and hat police chief greg surge this in a few. >> : soon for recognize word for contributing our work as well that will be distributed through the city. >> :
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police say that sex trafficking is runs too often. >> : california ranks and the number once and the states. >> : in national mood is a water crisis continues for hundreds of thousands of residents in west virginia. chemical that is used to clean coal leaked out of that set into a river. near charleston. people notice the leak because the it is no struggle of black or licorice. >> : people in the area are told been told not to use or drop in the top water in any way. >> : but charlotte that don't trinket. you can't just boiler. it's not a boil water revisory don't deny us vice repeat >> : 46 people and hospital related to the
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contamination. >> : tinges thousand people are supposed to be affected and west virginia. >> : was ordered to freedom industries to stop all operations and a veteran government is now involved. >> : rob for gorgeous friday were the sun changes for your saturday high cloud coverage in that area right now there's a storm approaching the coastline here is the tail end of it is moving in it tonight and tomorrow morning and see lorraine. in the north bay and 10:00 hour that's what i expect they'll start. all the right rein in over santa rosa. >> : more moderate for the afternoon. i'll think we'll see much of the golden gate until afternoon. 1:00 mr. it will swear still seen showers. receive very light rain over sentences go out and oakland's concord and
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fairfield. >> : by 7:00 hour will start to see clearing by later evening hours. >> : the tail end of the system's chemical us from the sea a real organized a bunch of rain the rainfall totals are not to be very impressive. under a tent of in shock for the rain in most locations. >> : quarter of an inch of rain committee. >> : the deal but damp and at a gusty winds. >> : here's the temperature readings in the upper 50s in the bay area white. >> : coming up a little bit will talk about how the storm will affect us. >> : coming up at 45. >> : six year-old mother is now defending herself and her son to live video of her toddler cursing and giving the figure has now bonfire on the internet here's what that mom has to say what you think about it at 830. >> : still, crime fighting. >> :
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how to protect your valuables. >> : coming up carlos santana and markets malone gemmy again after 40 years. usa more only on crown 4. >> :
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will get this amazing pictures and even natural wonders are this is video of mayor befalls you see it's partially frozen it partially frozen. the ice-filled falls make for some gorgeous views.especially when colored lights illuminate the tourist destination at night. we will feature the top 20 gadgets from this years consumer electronics show. our vicki liviakis will host the show. which airs on friday, january 24-th at
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nine o'clock. right after this newscast
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having trouble with find a vaccine were birling gain or which pharmacies have it and which don't. also ahead at 8-- crime-fighting water. a look at this new high- tech and next-- a reunion decades in the making. marcus malone. and carlos
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kron 4-- new developments in the story of marcus malone and carlos santana. this is video of marcus' long-time camper and home. being towed by barry brothers towing. who volunteered. and put in storage for safe keeping. but the real story is something that's been in the making for 40 years. kron4's stanley roberts brings us this exclusive music for the first time in 40
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years you are listening to carlos santana and marcus malone jamming together at carlos santana's music studio in san rafael music it was one in a million chance meeting of marcus rummaging through piles of trash on 98th and pairmain what's yout name my name is marcus marcus malone i use at one time i use i was with the santana band the original santana blues band you were with the original santan blues band now you are out here picki8ng through all the trash now im homeless and on the streets becuse i got in some trouble later at 98th and maddux natural sound where marcus was living in this camper and cutting neighbors lawns to makes ends meet and now here they are in san rafael
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what they call it a magnificent?when we met marcus he >> : refferred to himself as marcus the magnificent malone and he back it up everywhere he played it was mesmerizing this is the first ime you just have jammed to gether in 40 years what does it feel like tell me it feels like the same day we started jamming the rythem locked in althoght im a little rusty but it was coming back quick it that rust i want your rust who's this man . man never before seen photos of marcus from back in the day but the real surprise can take them with you yea that right jeezs man that beautiful you're beautiful
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man im very grateful i got to connect with you well it good to see you and stanley thank you for doing this /when people say marcus and i reconnecting all over in india new zealand all over the world woman and man were crying i cryed myself laughter hopefully in a couple of weeks from know well call marcus and see if we can invite him to las vegas and recored a couple of songs music i always say you will hear a lot of no's in you life but you only need one yes the one yes reuinited not just musicians, but friends in san rafael stanley roberts kron 4 news there are now 11 confirmed bay area flu related deaths. this as california health officials warn. the flu
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virus is now considered widespread across the state. here are the latest numbers. now died in alameda county. one fatality. and -- two people are dead counties each. contra costa, sonoma and san mateo counties have each reported one. all these deaths have happened sometime this flu season. which technically started in october many people are coming frustrated that have the age one and one vaccine is some pharmacies are is running out supplies quickly the demand is very high tree >> : tell us where the shot is available in the area. >> : this will resign to succeed l. camino and early gains ran out of the age one and one vaccine in light morning. >> : by that it midafternoon the supply was replenished customers were back in line
8:35 pm
waiting to get the shot. >> : i've come to this place was a key but they said that had just run out and just got more. i feel fortunate. >> : it's important right you see people are dying from this. >> : that is why on sitting here on older know i need to make sure i stealthy pre >> : as of friday evening the street that walgreen's is out of that the vaccine but expects more supplies to arrive within 48 hours. >> : some of this cvs pharmacy employee there says that they're out of the vaccine but more supplies are on this unlikely >> : anytime the minute clinic inside the store which operates separately from the cbs pharmacy does have the shot. >> : what's happening here is what. >> : all these pharmacies say the best thing to do is to call store before you had there to make sure they eat have a
8:36 pm
vaccine. there and shot in the connected with another pharmacy that does have it. >> : i now the demand is exceeding supplies. >> : a teen mother is saying that she is a good mutt mother even though that the video for toddler has gone by world. shows a child to be encouraged these curse words. >> : >> : grant now. >> : 60 years old warning her she asked that her face be blurred. earlier this week child protective services for children from her home including this young toddler who was featured in the filming of this video right here cursing giving the finger the was under when this happens one of the brothers' friends that is lagging on the taba. >> :
8:37 pm
the videos put some of its debt. >> : profanity being used. >> : that video was not meet a person that came my house and recorded it so everybody that that a mother and a good mother to son of the channel what he's very smart she also says the public had a clean diaper a house clean. >> : then she went on to say that there's a little bit of contradiction is a small boy it all at cussing that he did he doesn't do that somebody told him to do that my son doesn't do that i don't allow it. >> : meanwhile, records show that the toddler was among five people injured when shots were fired in the home. >> : this story really striking in air with the people out comments on our face but the
8:38 pm
page. >> : no not at feet every word said the taller. >> : michael says that six your mom enough said. >> : sue however says by the time of 60 hyde tickets nothing like that ever happened at my house. >> : we always appreciate your involvement and comments. >> : log on to our fifth book fanned it page. >> : the issue the high-tech inventions. >> :
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an australian ranks no. 1 and out of all the world's airlines. but said it awarded seven stars. >> : the airlines frontality free at the beginning of the area and brought in the 1950's. >> :
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not one u.s. airline ranked in the top-10. >> : but satellite radar at pictures claus coming and storm just sitting offshore. >> : get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets, at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ what do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter.
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it's just in con 4 just released a suspect sketch related to assault earlier this week that assault so-
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called knock out game. ec the image right here a woman was hit in the parking lot on blossom hill road. >> : a man walked up and hair in the face punched her in the face and then took off. 430 monday afternoon. police say that they're looking for a black man mid-20s slender build. suspect says that he's wearing a white t-shirt bluejeans and a white baseball cap backwards when this all happened. >> : suspect sketch related to an assault monday afternoon. >> : the plan i'm posting your weight loss for the grass on line mutt one ought reconsider john reg'lar tells us what happened when one woman this picture who was not fit for a fifth appeared >> : is rss-1. >> : these pans me allot to maryland cannot. >> : because she ever has or then again. >> : the whole idea that i can fit in. >> : the image of first sliding
8:44 pm
into one leg of what she calls are fat pants shows how far her weight loss journey has gone. a journey she shares with the world. then she puts interviews and thought to burt fisher book. >> : mckenna thought this picture would be the best way to demonstrate what she's lost. and gained. >> : on essentially have my size that i was. last night she met her fan page profile picture >> : this book found a problem. >> : this step of a midget idealizes. >> : which again year i had was approved because it promotes a dull products. >> : i can't even fathom what they're thinking. >> : but cannot mate lost weight but she didn't miss words. >> : a comment like that could get kicked off this book as well. >> : a storm approaching the
8:45 pm
coast line read no single answer it tomorrow early at an early afternoon. >> : reporting showers in north bay by 10 p >> : veteran morning hours will continue as the rains in the north light showers here at dawn in san francisco by 11. >> : not really know how accurate the ldp >> : more like one in the afternoon. consider new this year in the afternoon though. a three show is concerned it continue over san francisco. then start to slide down the south. >> : clear skies and the evening not really a whole lot of rain only a 10th of an inch of rain in most locations tree temperature was cooler tomorrow at the >> : small role in the sierra rain and snow. >> : snow and high elevations of 6,000 ft.. >> : cut off and on in their
8:46 pm
evening. >> : revenant pick up a couple inches of pot of >> : for your sunday already in the drier the constant decrease in clouds monday warmer st. thing goes for your wont locally. >> : tomorrow be dreary little cooler but dry warmer in summer temperatures in the upper 60s by next week. >> : central florida town in winter park has unveiled a new high-tech crime-fighting tool is called small water and is often an invisible chemical that is used mark your valuables you can put a small money watch television purse if your item is stolen and recovered the chemical shows up under a special black light. each vial of water has is unique composition. >> : once you register your badge eat they can match at a property to an owner and suspect a crime. >> : similar to dna and it's
8:47 pm
traceable back to a unique individual. in this case the individual homeowner and a product that is marked not home. it is it is good stuff. >> : smaller water is supposed to be impossible to wash off. the city will give every corner of free kit. >> : the money confiscated from drug dealers. >> : gary is joined by his lovely wife. >> : 49ers' all checked in and ready to go and north 49ers' all checked in and ready tosafeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals. this week, honey nut cheerios are just $1.88. that's a sweet deal. brew up a great cup for less. starbucks is just $6.99. and lean cuisine entrees are just 2 dollars each.
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real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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sports report with barry. >> : now are almost done talking about it a 40 natters ran through their practice today we >> :
8:51 pm
than haile in music trend to somewhat stimulate all but crowd noise that will greet them sunday again the carolina panthers. the game is now listed as. >> : another talk about it can go either way. here we go after practice peppered and crew wont be trafficked you become a professional athlete you the police escort to the airport. it they come to the plane pretty good living. it >> : one more time at 10 05 charlotte. >> : good evening sky. >> : " gary it is starting right
8:52 pm
here again in charlotte just a few minutes ago i surrounded by happenstance. they laughed since then. i can tell you that the party is really still going on here in downtown charlotte. here's some video here hears from the westin hotel in downtown charlotte even see three hours ago when the 40 natters arrived. >> : the autographed some of their stand for their fans. >> : but ready to begin obviously we keep on talking mutt and gary. not today what we heard from carol ann head coach what they're measuring stick for them of c. the matter couldn't play everybody is in a measure that to themselves has been increased we know what or go home that's the excitement of playoff so there you heard right there at showing
8:53 pm
some respect the 49ers us about some injuries. >> : one eat your injuries steve smith the best wide receiver we all know that he will play he will play in this game. obviously though how effective it will be. >> : place the bottle bill in downtown charlotte is a bust a start that and it's almost midnight. >> : start it is quite the party earlier gary. >> : there might be another reason for rick flair not attending sunday's game. >> : he spoke of 49 hours before the green bay game. >> : panthers fans called set he said that he had received death threats. >> : not come out that flare has the outstanding warrant for his arrest in north carolina is the strange wife says that if there owes
8:54 pm
$30,000 in unpaid post separation support and other words if there shows about the game the police could arrest in. >> : flair death threats and also a former west with a threat. >> : it's that time and again. >> : you and all of the book gives you need to. >> : rick flair me. >> : richard says that steve was young never won a playoff game jomon cannot lost a playoff game. >> : bezel joke never did anything wrong steve never did anything wrong. pepper knit despite having won two playoff games he their the struggle against green bay. they're critical earlier in the week. this guy's got all
8:55 pm
the goods is not a when the game is over now. >> : one day they see on what you could put his career and steve and you'll be okay. >> : ready says is this a national security? >> : it does make you laugh there's the three guys frank thomas and asthmatic all anybody is talking about the guy who didn't vote for somebody. >> : who did vote for somebody >> : tell about the sports writers. in the baseball writers to be precise. the public and a change that see it yet to get some holophane at members and their. major-league baseballer charge these people for any kind of boat
8:56 pm
to make money. another it than any other choice awards. >> : the ability to speak out. >> : dean what is your problem with too much media giving you a job. ? >> : i appreciate that every day. a sound like an old guy with a pen, from wont. it's the beat and every city only four stations. yet to be good deadbeat dad that credibility. anybody can type and have a block assembly stations that are throwing doubt on the matter any good. >> : is this old guy talking and it's can you please stop with this all care about is if the wind. >> : a joyous people they are they're the best of guys we've had around here in a long time. >> : i see how can you be funny at 730 in the morning on the
8:57 pm
ground when i first it up. >> : when i see her face it's time to rejoice. >> :
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anncr: at jennie-o we heard of a place in where every thursday people ride 10 miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco made with jennie-o ground turkey cooked thoroughly to 165. i feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. i think they are light and they are just fresh tasting. yeah. when i eat well, i feel well. anncr: it's time for a better taco. the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey in a store near you.
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can i eat these now? he doesn't want me to get crumbs on the seat. new car? yep! wow. they finally signed off on her last night. after about three years of begging and pleading and weeping openly. what do you think of that color, huh? you like it? i love that color. it's black, isn't it? no, it's midnight onyx. oh. yeah, it's got satellite radio. eight speakers. randy, what the hell are you doing? you're getting salt all over the hood. does he remind you of anybody? no. you missed a spot there.


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